• 我們長期提供獨一無二的足球訓練計劃,恆常班課程為每星期一堂,藍田室外球場每堂時間為1小時30分鐘,而觀塘室內球場每堂時間為1小時,定期於星期六或星期日上課。

    We provide a unique and long-term football training program.
    Regular Course is once a week, it lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes in Lam Tin outdoor football court or 1 hour in Kwun Tong indoor football court.


  • 每名學員學費為$1200 (以每月共4堂計算),若該月份有五個星期六/日,學費則為$1500 (以每月共5堂計算)。

    如有任何爭議, 本校保留一切最終決定權。

    The tuition fee is $1200 for 4 lessons / $1500 for 5 lessons depends on how many Saturdays or Sundays on that month. 
    Please note that student needs to submit the Leave Application Form for any leave requests. For those students who are absent for 2 weeks consecutively without official leave application, their place will be replaced by other students without any further notice.
    For any questions about the course fee, please contact us within 3 months after payment.

    All prepaid course fees will be retained for one year, the relevant payment will not be refunded if the deadline is exceeded.

     In case of dispute, the decision of CHELSEAFC Soccer School (Hong Kong) Limited shall be final. 

  • 凡年齡介乎3至17歲,不論造詣如何,男女均可參加。我們有信心在不久的將來,就會有很多出色的足球員由此誕生﹗
    Sessions are open to all boys and girls, aged 3-17 regardless of ability; we welcome all children regardless of their level of ability.

  • 報名方法

    1)  報名前請先申請成為會員
      http://chelseafchk.com/index.php?route=catalog/member/register 填妥入會表格並提交。
    2) 成為會員後按 "網上報名",並填妥及提交有關資料進行留位程序。
    3) 學校收到有關資料後,會聯絡家長入班事宜。
    4) 如成功入班,學校會傳送電郵以確認入班事宜,家長請在有關日期前繳交學費。





      1)  櫃員機或網上過數至中國銀行戶口012-677-0-005178-9 (CHELSEAFC Soccer School (Hong Kong) Limited)
      2) 劃線支票,支票抬頭請填「車路士足球學校(香港) 有限公司」,並於支票背面寫上
      3) 轉數快,輸入FPS ID:167982305繳交學費,並備註學生姓名及學生編號。成功付款後,請截圖並電郵至account@chelseafchk.com



    1)  Please sign up membership before apply to course.
      Fill out the membership form and submit it at 
    2) Click "Online Registration" to enroll after signing up a member, fill in and submit relevant information.
      Sign up in person at Chelsea Football School (Hong Kong)
    3)  School will contact parent after receive the relevant information.
      Note: It will be enrolled until there are any vacancies for the course. 
    4) School will send a confirmation email if enrolled successfully.
      Parents please pay the course fee before the deadline.
      (The payment method is as follows)


    Payment Method

      1) Bank transferring (ATM or FPS)-
        Bank of China 012-677-0-005178-9 (CHELSEAFC Soccer School Limited (Hong Kong) Limited)
    Please keep the pay slip and email to account@chelseafchk.com.
    Please write down the student name, student number, parent contact number, course location and time in the email for processing.
      2) A crossed cheque payable to

    "ChelseaFC Soccer School (Hong Kong) Limited" with student name, student number, parent contact number, course location and time for processing.

      3) FPS

    Enter FPS ID: 167982305 and please write student name and student number for remark.
    Please screen capture and email to account@chelseafchk.com when transfer successfully.

  • 如因天雨、雷暴,或颱風而令課堂無法進行,我們保留有關更改課程安排的最終決定權,以確保學員於安全的環境下上課。本校會於約1小時30分鐘前於網頁、社交平台 FACEBOOK專頁內公佈取消課堂消息, 並會在時間容許的情況下以短訊形式通知大家,而取消了的課堂會於稍後另行通知補課事宜。

    All sessions are subject to change in the event of adverse weather conditions (e.g. typhoon signal, rainstorms warning signal or thunderstorm warning signal). Parents or participants will be notified within 1 hour and 30mins before the session starts in the event of the above weather conditions. All announcements and decisions will be immediately communicated via our Website and cancellation SMS will also be sent if time allows. At all times parents are asked to check the school website and Facebook Page for the most updated information. We reserve the right to make the final decision in case of any disputes. If a session is cancelled due to adverse weather, a makeup session will be arranged.

  • 如果以任何私人理由缺課,需於每個星期四前 (即星期三或之前)填寫"學員請假申請表",並傳送到info@chelseafchk.com,才可獲得補課安排;另外,每月只限申請一堂事假



    Please submit the "Leave Application Form" before every Thursday (also known as on
     or before every Wednesday) than send to info@chelseafchk.com. In addition, you can only apply for one personal leave per month.

    If absent due to sick or injury, please present a valid doctor's letter to us.
    Make up class must be completed within 4 weeks. Classes must be on the declared date and cannot be changed without authorization.
    No make-up classes and refunds for all unexcused absence.

    Please fill in "Class Transfer Application Form" 10 working days to info@chelseafchk.com before the start of each month if need to transfer the whole class in the future.

    請下載以下表格填寫 Kindly download and fill in the form below:

    學員請假申請表 Leave Application Form  按此下載 Download
    調動班別申請表Class Transfer Application Form  按此下載 Download

  • 車路士足球學校(香港)擁有兩個足球場,分別位於藍田(室外)和觀塘(室內)。

    ChelseaFC HK Soccer School (Hong Kong) owns two football pitches including indoor and outdoor.
    Our team is highly qualified. More than 50% of our coaches were sophisticated, experienced and skilled professional soccer players. They participated in a large number of local and international matches. Many coaches are Asian Football Confederation certified professionals who are capable of being our coaches.

  • 凡首次加入之學員需購買車路士足球學校(香港)獨有Nike運動套裝 (乙套) (包括:球衣、運動褲和足球襪) 價錢為$500,並請學員務必於課堂時穿著。

    - 足球鞋/ 運動鞋 (適合於仿真草球場上使用)
    - 護脛 (因安全理由,每次課堂均必須配戴)
    - 毛巾
    - 無汽飲料 (例如:水/運動飲料)
    - 季節性裝備
      (冬季:請自備合適之長袖外套 & 夏季:請自備太陽油或短袖衣物更換)
    -   運動專門眼鏡或隱形眼鏡 (因安全理由,如適用者均須配戴)
    - 請注意:避免配戴飾物 (如:項鍊、手鐲、介指、帽、耳環和手錶)


    All new students need to purchase a full set of Chelsea Nike training kit (jersey, shorts and socks) which cost $500, student must wear during the lesson.

    In addition, please bring the following equipment:

    - Footwear (suitable for artificial turf pitches)  
    - Shin pads (must be worn for health and safety reasons)  
    -   Non-fizzy drink(s) (such as water or a sports drink)  
    - Relevant seasonal clothing  
      (Winter: jumper/coat & Summer: shorts and t-shirt with sunblock  
    - Sports spectacles or contact lens  
      (Due to safety reason, we highly recommend our students to prepare these if applicable)  
    - You are advised to bring goalkeeper gloves to the goalkeeping session  
    - You are reminded not to wear necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, hat and watch to class  


  • 我們歡迎並鼓勵所有新學員於每個月第一個星期六或星期日加入。

    New students are encouraged to enroll in our training at the beginning of the month. 
    If you want to enroll your child halfway through, please contact our office staff directly.

  • 我們會挑選表現優秀之學員提升至「精英班」,並可代表本校參與足球比賽、盃賽、足球訓練營等。

    Students with outstanding performance may be selected to CSSHK's elite teams, who are eligible to join tournaments, training camps,etc.
    It may have the opportunity to travel to England for additional training with ChelseaFC. This will always be at the coach's discretion.

  • 觀塘球場採用地毯草地。觀塘室內場地空間較藍田場地小,適合3-5歲的小朋友。每堂時間為1小時。


    Kwun Tong Football Pitch (Indoor) is covered by artificial grass carpet. It is smaller than Lam Tin Football Pitch (Outdoor).
    It is designed for 3-5 years old kids. Every lesson lasts for an hour only.
    Due to the younger kids with little football experience may have a shorter attention span, our school has decided to offer one-hour enlightenment course in an indoor environment. It is believed that will make it easier for the students to adapt to the environment and engage in our class.

    Lam Tin Football Pitch is an artificial turf pitch, which is designed for 5-12 years old kids. Every lesson lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes.
    In order to practise the team spirit between students, a larger venue is needed in Lam Tin to facilitate practice and cooperation. The group size will be slightly larger than those in Kwun Tong. It would be approximately 10 students in a group. Children would be divided into subgroups according to their age, which facilites them to learn from one another.

  • 為了令每名學員好好享受足球的樂趣和有愉快的學習體驗,我們使用與英國車路士青訓一樣的練習方式。不但讓學員獲得多方面的體驗,更專為全面改善學員集中力、反應、球技及群體技能等。 

    我們著重技術訓練, 於每節課堂中的最後30分鐘會進行小型比賽。更於每月的最後一節課堂中,制定為比賽日,令學員可以一展身手,運用於課程中所學習的足球技巧,投入有組織的比賽。

    Our training sessions give children a fun learning experience by providing the same training methods as the Chelsea FC Foundation adopts in the UK. Sessions are designed to improve players' concentration, reactions, ball skills, co-ordination and awareness.
    The last 30 minutes of the sessions are always a small-sided game. The final session of the month is always a tournament day where the students get to play longer matches and practise the skills they have learnt in the course.

  • 以安全情況和令學員得到最理想之學習環境,我們限制1名教練只負責照顧不多於12名學員。

    In the interest of health and safety, ChelseaFC HK strives to limit sessions to a maximum ratio of 12 students to 1 coach, so as to maximize children's enjoyment and create an ideal football development environment.
    As sessions are open to the public, some sessions may not be able to apply in case of being oversubscribed. ChelseaFC HK reserves the right to change session times and/or venues in order to deliver the best training experience possible.

  • 我們歡迎家長可以留下觀看,但由於課堂期間我們只容許教練和學員進出球場範圍,家長們可以選擇坐於球場兩旁之觀眾席清楚觀看課堂情況。

    We welcome parents to watch the sessions, but only players and coaches are allowed to stay in the Blue Pitch during lessons.
    Parents could stay in the seating areas right next to the field for observing the lessons clearly.

  • 每個小組的學生年齡差距不會超出2年。

    The age difference within subgroup will not be larger than two years.

  • 課程主要是以廣東話授課,教練會用英文專有名詞去形容主要足球基本動作。

    Lessons will be mainly taught in Cantonese, with some professional Football terminologies in English.
    Besides, our team has a few foreign coaches who possess recognised coaching licences.

  • 可以。

    We encourage all students and parents to cultivate the spirit of "caring for the society and helping the weak" from an early age through volunteer services.
    Volunteer services are also a good opportunity to promote parent-child relationship.
    We welcome and invite everyone to participate in volunteer services at our future events.